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Charismatic Start-up (affiliated with the World Trade team)
has extensive experience in content cration , including infographics, motion graphics, teasers, social media management, documentaries, and short films. We have partnerships with International World Trade Weekly, digital internet TV, and dozens of press and digital media outlets. As your professional consultant and partner in business and brand development, we are committed to your prosperity.

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Program and budget organization
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Ministry of Roads and City Planning
Free Trade Zones

Provident fund
Urban regeneration company
Insurance Companies
Company Kolmix Bosnia
Eminence Co
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Charismatic will efficiently create and design your brand to save you valuable time. charismatic brand from inception.

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After the inception and founding of your brand, it is imperative to continuously nurture its growth and development. The establishment of a brand is merely the initial step in a lengthy journey towards success.

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Basic Campaign

add 1 Motion graphics
add 2 infographic
add 30 Social Media
add 1 Time Line
add 1 Weekly Newspaper

Pro Campaign

add 1 Video
add 3 Motion Graphic
add 4 infographic
add 30 Social Media
add 1 Time Line
add 4 Weekly Newspaper

Exclusive Campaign

add 1 Video
add 1 Motion Graphic
add 2 infographic
add 30 Social Media
add 1 Time Line (Sprcial Photography)
add 2 Weekly Newspaper

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No 798/La Trinidad / Caracas/ Venezeuela
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Tele Fax +58 424 854 5588

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Charismatic is an advertising media holding firm that possesses numerous economic weekly newspapers, internet-based digital TV, an economic consulting institute, brand development and content production abilities, and can serve as a coveted consultant for enhancing your brand. Global Trade Weekly, which specializes in the world’s free trade zones, and… are part of the World Trade Team holding.